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| by Editor

Our new TT PRSS blog will be featuring regular and exclusive content from super-keen Table Tennis and Ping Pong bloggers! 

To get us started in style, we have our good friend Ade Leigh (the main man behind Pongathon) to give us an insight into the mad mad world of Social Ping Pong and watch out – he’s on a mission!

A week in the life of Pongathon

So, at what point does a passion turn into an obsession and then into your life's mission? I asked myself this question as we were in the middle of coordinating 8 Fresher’s Fairs, launching a new menswear department for Selfridges, running several team building and social ping pong events whilst stopping momentarily to realise Pongathon will be 3 years old this month! Where did it all go right?!

It’s been a steep learning curve for us over the past week that’s for sure trying to recruit volunteer student activators to run the Pongathon University Challenge, our social ping pong league on campus. That’s 40 students to be trained up and ready to launch within 2 weeks! Okay we are at 28, give me a break! But just when I  thought grabbing a student’s attention was like trying to find a can of striped paint, salvation  came marching through the office door in the form popchips, who offered to supply our growing legion of social ping pong professors the nourishment and encouragement we were looking for! popchips we salute you!

Oh yes and after a whole year of trying to find the right venue to host the Pongathon City Challenge, our weekly ping pong parties for the public and local business engaged in fundraising tournaments, I am super glad to report we have found one!  It’s going to be in Oxford and will launch In 8 weeks! And no you just to have to wait to find out where it is in the next blog!

Jeez I need a holiday!  

Our 3rd Birthday Party is on October 28th at Richmix, Shoreditch. Do catch up us on our website or take a peek at or our social media channels to find out more!

Get Involved! If you have a great Table Tennis news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include in Table Tennis PRSS, or if you have any ideas of new Table Tennis topics that you’d like us to focus on in the site, then please just contact us at with details!

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